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Ittihad Paper Mill products have gained popularity since the mill’s inception and as a result, the mill has launched its own brands in the market. IPM only uses the best technology and raw material when it comes to producing its paper. Due to its quality and extensive logistics network, the demand for the paper produced by IPM is on the rise, especially amongst retailers and wholesale buyers in the region. In addition, the paper originating from IPM comes in different grammages namely, 70 gsm, 80 gsm, 100 gsm and 120 gsm.

Company Profile

Ittihad Paper Mill (IPM) is the first printing and writing paper production facility in the GCC. The Mill is focused on catering to the ever-growing regional demand for paper products, while also serving the international market.



IPM strives to deliver a comprehensive assortment of products that will be sourced from responsible forest management companies. The Mill’s attempt will be to set benchmarks in being a responsible producer that sources materials sustainably from its suppliers. In addition, the mill aims at contributing to its communities by adapting sustainable processes and driving the importance of conserving the environment for a better future.

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Why IPM was Established?

Ittihad Paper Mill is a flagship project in the UAE. There are certain key points and rationale behind developing the first printing and writing paper production facility in the GCC. These include the Place, Infrastructure, Local Limestone, Investment Law, and expertise of Ittihad International Investment – the Parent company.

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