First Uncoated Woodfree Paper Mill in the GCC

Demand for IPM Paper is on the rise which led to the successful launch of the company’s own brands in the market. This was a strategic move to cater to the ever-increasing demand for quality paper by introducing the product in the local and international markets through established authorised distributors. IPM’s own brand paper come in different grammages available in 70gsm, 80gsm,100 gsm and 120 gsm.


Introducing our high bright formula paper

Omnia is Ittihad Paper Mill’s first brand and is performing well in the market. Omnia is known for its finest multi-purpose paper quality and is widely used for office and home consumption in the region.

Since the brand was introduced, Omnia paper has set a benchmark in the market for its high-quality and unique sustainable fibre that is used in the production process.

Omnia paper is specifically designed for normal printing and for use in high-speed copy machines. In addition, Omnia’s outstanding dimensional stability makes it the paper of choice for many customers including paper traders all over the world.

Upon request, Omnia paper is also available in 100 gsm and 120 gsm.



IPM has launched its second brand Maram. The multipurpose paper has been received well in the market amongst buyers and retailers. At present, IPM is producing 80 gsm paper and Maram is marketed all over the world. Upon request, different grammages are also available in the range of 70 gsm, 100 gsm and 120 gsm.

Copy Paper

IPM launched a generic brand “Copy Paper” and it offers premium paper to companies involved in the paper and printing industry. It is readily available in 80 gsm paper and is being sold all over the world. Upon request, different grammages can be produced and can be available in 70 gsm, 100 gsm and 120 gsm.

Customer Branded Copy Paper

If you have your own brand or planning to launch one and is looking where to source your paper, then IPM is your ideal partner. IPM produces the best paper quality you can find. IPM can incorporate your brand name in either Copy or Offset paper. The concept of customised branding has been the trend in the market, especially among retail buyers and traders.

Upon request, IPM can produce Copy paper in different grammages available in 70 gsm to 120 gsm and Offset paper ranges from 60 gsm to 120 gsm.


Our Product Destinations

GCC    |    Asia    |    East Africa    |    West Africa    |    North America    |    South America    |    Europe    |    Australia    |    New Zealand

Ittihad Paper Mill ships its products to over 60 countries across 7 continents.

Due to its elite quality and usage of best-in-class raw materials and manufacturing processes, IPM products have already gained huge demand across the globe. Moreover, IPM is well prepared to cater to growing markets and has put in place a comprehensive supply chain management system and logistics network to ensure smooth and timely distribution of products.

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