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Our HR Model

Ittihad Paper Mill offers a dynamic and multi-disciplinary work environment where you will meet the best talents with various skillsets coming from different backgrounds. This diversity in expertise and background is where the strength of the team comes. When the team are working together, only the best results can be expected. Which is why the people are the key to the mill’s success.

With a progressive approach towards infinite growth opportunities, IPM is determined to secure its distinguished position as a preferred employer and in doing so, lead by example. Our fundamental objective is to “Nurture the spirit of excellence”.

Today, the company is empowered with employees with similar mindset and values. The HR department will ensure that employees who come on board, will be rewarded with a progressive future that will benefit them as individuals and their professional careers overall.

At IPM, we are constantly gauging the candidate’s ability to turn the company’s vision into reality.

What we look for in a Candidate?

There are standards against which we measure all our candidates to establish whether they have the prerequisites to perform the assigned responsibilities or task.

Our screening process is constructed around the following parameters:

A. Knowledge

B. Talent

C. Grasp of the Job

We also consider how candidates can display the ability to vocally express ideas and disseminate vital information eloquently. In addition, we evaluate how they demonstrate the aptitude to comprehend ideas and present them in a fragmented manner. Finally, we also gauge the candidate’s ability to turn the company’s vision into reality through his own way.

“Employee motivation is not the final destination, it’s an endless Journey” Moving forward, we will strive to maintain our HR model and ensure everyone benefits from it.

Want to be a part of IPM?

At IPM, we are constantly looking for talents, who can share the company’s Vision and Goals. If you think you fit the bill and want an opportunity to work in a dynamic company, please email us your CV to

All information furnished will be treated as confidential.

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