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Do You Have Any Questions?

If you need clarifications regarding our services, products or specifications, here are a few questions and answers that could come handy. In case you still have doubts, please feel free to contact us.

01. What is the production capacity of the mill?

The production capacity is 325,000 metric tons per year.

04. What are the grades of paper you produce?

Offset Paper from 48gsm to 140gsm and Copy Paper from 70gsm to 80gsm in 150, 160, 170 CIE. We can make some trials upon request. Terms and Conditions apply. 

02. Do you produce custom specification orders?

We can make some trials upon request. Terms and Conditions apply.

05. How many countries do you deliver your products to?

IPM exports its products to more than 50+ countries across 6 continents worldwide and we are constantly expanding.

03. How much advance notice do you need to place
an order?

IPM sales teams needs at least 1 month in advance notice for order placement. Terms and Conditions apply.

06. Are your products ISO and FSC certified?

IPM product certifications are available upon request. We can't mention “Our products are FSC certified” otherwise we have to sell everything as FSC.

More Questions ?

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