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The Importance of the Forest Stewardship Conncil

Creating a sustainable future with FSC Certification for the Paper Industry

According to a Statista report, the yearly global production of paper and cardboard is over 400 million metric tons. In the digital world, ubiquitous paper remains popular, Thanks to its many uses, particularly in the packaging industry. With the increased demand for paper and paper products, there is also an uprising green revolution gripping the paper industry.

There is a rise in demand for eco-friendly and certified paper to be used in packaging, printing, and home decor paper products.

For businesses and industries, it becomes mandatory to seek relevant certifications and follow the guidelines for sourcing raw materials legitimately and responsibly so that it doesn’t affect the ecological balance.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

AN FSC certificate indicates that the product meets the gold standard for ethical production. 

Established in 1994, the FSC is a non-governmental organization that is devoted to promoting responsible and sustainable management of forests. The FSC certification allows consumers and businesses to choose accountable forest products. With over 200 million hectares of forest covered, FSC has become an important certification body to choose and source raw materials as a part of responsible forestry.

Tropical wood is used in many products like toilet paper, furniture, packaging material, construction material, and more. FSC also promotes 'Clean Timber' by setting standards for the logging industry, since responsible sourcing of timber is the need of the hour.

“The FSC has over 1000 individuals and member organizations governing forest management's social, economic, and environmental aspects.

Everyone works towards the common goal of maintaining and protecting resilient and healthy forests worldwide”. 

What Does an FSC Certification really mean?

An FSC certification means that the business has complied with the highest environmental standards in the market. The FSC follows several principles covering a broad range of issues under forest management's environmental and social impact. A business must follow five steps to gain an FSC certification for their products: 

1. Request quotes from FSC-accredited certification bodies. 

2. Submit certification application to any FSC-accredited body. 

3. Ensure forest management or chain of custody standards meet the FSC requirements. 

4. Get an on-site audit report from the certification body. 

5. Wait for the approvals and receive the FSC certificate and license codes. 

FCS Certified Paper

Today, consumers and manufacturers of paper want to minimize the environmental impact and destruction of the planet's green cover. When a paper product is marked

"FSC Certified," it means it has been produced using ‘Responsible Measures’.

The Chain of custody certification provided by FSC allows consumers to track the certified material source throughout the manufacturing process. 

An FSC certification for paper is applicable if the manufacturer has the following: 

1. A positive Chain of custody audit from the forest, manufacturer, vendor, and printer(if applicable)

2. An environmental management plan for logging and renewal operations

3. Long-term business objectives for forest protection

The Forest Stewardship Council encourages sustainable forestry by promoting manufacturers and wood suppliers who work towards protecting the environment. The Green checkmark and the Tree FSC logo assure consumers that they can track the wood products throughout their supply chain. Credible third-party auditors monitor the entire manufacturing process and work within the guidelines set by FSC. 

Why choose FSC certified paper produced by Ittihad Paper Mill (IPM)?

Ittihad Paper Mill is a stalwart in paper production. It applies responsible practices that are designed keeping in mind sustainable forest reservation. Ittihad Paper Mill has revamped its paper production processes with extensive research and new methods of paper production.

Some notable features of paper manufactured by Ittihad Paper Mill -

1. It is made from FSC-certified raw materials.

2. IPM implements high-end energy and water process technologies

3. Contributes to Zero Carbon Emission reducing the carbon footprint

4. 30% reduction of freshwater consumption in the paper production process.

5. Paper quality meets the standards of FSC.

Ittihad Paper Mill primarily focuses on striving towards achieving all environmental and sustainable measures in paper manufacturing. IPM collaborates only with reputable firms that are conscious of the environment and foresee their efforts toward sustainability.

Protecting wildlife, and indigenous communities, planting more trees than harvested, and reducing pollution are some of the goals of the FSC community. 

Why Do we need to Protect our Forests

1. 2000 indigenous communities depend on forests for their livelihood.

2. 1.6 billion people depend on forests for renewable raw materials and food. 

3. Home to 80% of all terrestrial animals, plants, and insects. 

4. Forests provide us with 75% of the freshwater supply annually.

5. Forests also act as our first line of defense against climate change.

Our planet has gifted us the wonders of nature, and our forests play an integral part in balancing the ecosystem. Climate regulation, air purification, and water condensation would not be possible without trees. Forests are an essential source of renewable materials for human life. For the Forest to be with us forever, Do your bit, and buy FSC-certified paper and wood products. 

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself”