Launch of “Omnia” Premium Paper

IPM is proud to have launched its first Brand in the market called Omnia. The move was evident considering the huge demand for IPM products.

Omnia paper is specifically designed for normal printing or for high-speed copy machines and its paper is known for jam free printing. In addition, Omnia’s outstanding dimensional stability makes it the paper of choice for many customers including paper traders all over the world and the brand caters to the high volume demand in the market.

Since the brand was introduced in the market, Omnia paper has set benchmark in the market for its high-quality and unique sustainable fiber that is used in the production process. This high performance fibrous content gives Omnia the sharpness for extraordinary prints with a smooth finish and it also gives high opacity for double-sided printing.

In order to offer consistent quality to its customers, Omnia paper is produced by experienced specialist employed from all over the globe and they only use the latest paper technology and machinery in the industry. The brand’s forte lies in meeting global quality standards in line with energy efficiency and sustainability practices.

Omnia is known for its finest multi-purpose paper quality in the region and is widely used for commercial & export purposes, offices use and house old consumption.

Omnia paper strictly complies with all global environmental standards. It is also a strong supporter of responsible forest management including sustainability processes and sources its pulp only from certified forests management companies.

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