First Uncoated Woodfree Paper Mill in the GCC


Ittihad Paper Mill is a flagship project in the United Arab Emirates initiated by its parent company, Ittihad International Investment LLC, a leading private industrial group in the UAE. Ittihad International Investment owns, control and operate a diversified portfolio of companies since its establishment in 2008.

Before taking on such an enormous project, both on the investment and the actual project size, Ittihad International Investment conducted several feasibility and market studies related to the printing and writing paper production, especially that this facility will be the first in the GCC. In the end, the key points and rationale behind the decision to proceed with this huge undertaking all came down to the following—the Location, Infrastructure, Locally-available Material, the Investment Law, coupled with the experience and expertise of Ittihad International Investment management.

Investing in a paper mill in this region was a strategic decision that would cater to global market demands. The intention of the mill is to offer outstanding quality products to customers and continuously maintain environment-friendly sustainable processes.

Why establish in the UAE?

  • Khalifa Port and Jebel Ali Port are the busiest and the most advanced ports in the region. Besides, they are also strategically located in Abu Dhabi & Dubai respectively.
  • UAE has a huge reserve of the world’s total production of desalinated water and the world’s largest RO plant is under construction in Abu Dhabi.
  • UAE has a vast resource of limestone and hard rock in the Northern Emirates.
  • UAE is an ideal place for establishing business and the Government also is actively encouraging manufacturing sectors to set up base in the UAE.
  • The Government also ensures the optimum utilization of modern technology and various activities benefiting the environment positively.

The Product

  • The objective is to introduce an extensive product range and bring in flexibility as far as the paper machine specifications are concerned.

  • Ittihad Paper Mill aims to produce the highest quality of uncoated woodfree paper reels, folio size paper and cut-size finished goods to cater to the latest demands of the printing and converting industry landscape.

Raw Materials

  • Sustainable products from responsible companies all over the world will play a pivotal role in the future of IPM.
  • IPM’s endeavour will be to source materials from reliable forest management companies and general suppliers.
  • IPM will also ensure that all the Safety, Environment & Sustainability standards will be maintained and they will associate with only renowned brands who are environment friendly.
  • The goal is to set the benchmark in adapting to sustainable processes and contributing to the importance of conserving the environment for a better future, especially for the communities that surround IPM.


The demand for paper-related products are ever-increasing and demand for reliable producers are on the rise as well. IPM strongly endorses the fact that its products will be in high demand when the production commences and IPM’s plan is to market its product grades to all major global destinations in the world. The strategy includes:

  • Diversification of markets regionally/globally.
  • Focus on customer brands and B2B.
  • Packaging quality and innovation.
  • Local market: a mix of customer brands, own brand and ramp-up.

Forming the Right Team

Ittihad International Investment has established industrial companies in various sectors since its inception. Its expertise includes hiring the best among the experts in the industry. We focus on recruiting key personnel who possess a vast knowledge of and experience in the paper industry.

The plan is to also find a supply chain team who will look after the flow of goods including an experienced marketing & sales team to promote IPM products not only in the local market but in the global arena as well.

Future Expansion

The project has been well thought of that during the project’s planning stage Ittihad International Investment took into consideration preparing for the next phase. A provision has been made for a future expansion (PM2) adjacent to the first production plant.

With the growing demand for paper within the region and globally, IPM can be ready to implement PM2.

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