First Uncoated Woodfree Paper Mill in the GCC


Our Product Destinations

GCC    |    Asia    |    East Africa    |    West Africa    |    North America    |    South America    |    Europe    |    Australia    |    New Zealand

Ittihad Paper Mill ships its products to over 60 countries across 7 continents.

Due to its elite quality and usage of best-in-class raw materials and manufacturing processes, IPM products have already gained huge demand across the globe. Moreover, IPM is well prepared to cater to growing markets and has put in place a comprehensive supply chain management system and logistics network to ensure smooth and timely distribution of products.

Our focal point in the years to come will be expansion into a third tissue paper mill plant. This is purely due to the increasing demand for our quality and product standards that clearly defines the trust our clients have in us.

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