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A High-Tech


IPM houses a very experienced and diverse team. We have people from all over the globe, all with the same passion for producing paper, and this is what brings us together. Our motive is simple... irrespective of the colour, background, or religion, we all work towards acheiving a collective goal.

We believe in creating our own success story and in doing so, set high standards that become a benchmark for others. IPM may have started with a blank sheet of paper, but the company is now firmly making its mark.

Rabih El Assadi
Operations Director - IPM

Plant Overview

IPM is the first printing & writing paper production facility in the GCC & the largest in the MENA region

Total Investment
1.2 Billion AED
No of Employees
Total Paper Production Capacity
325,000 tons/year
Copy Paper: 150,000

Folio Sheets: 60,000

Rolls: 110,000

Our Machinery

Paper Machine

Basis Weight
45 - 120 g/m2
Design Speed
1700 m/min
Trim Width
6550 mm


Trimmed web width
6,350 to 6,530 mm
Finishing roll diameter:
1,500 mm (max)
Finishing roll width:
400 mm (min), 2,200 mm (max)

Uncoated woodfree paper machine

Basis weight 45-120 g/m2
Design speed 1700 m/min
1,500 mm (max)
Trim width 6660 mm
400 mm (min), 2,200 mm (max)

Converting Line


A5,A4,A3, & SRA3
Letter, Double Letter
12" x 18"
All sizes Longer & Short Grain

Why IPM makes better PAPER:

No Jam Paper

IPM papers is always Jam Free. In an independent test, IPM paper ran through a high-speed copier without a single jam

Sharp Printing

An even, high-density, low-ash surface makes copies as sharp as the original, whether in clear black and white or in vibrant colors

Bright & White

IPM paper has flawless print contrast and vigorously resists fading

Copier Friendly

IPM paper uses the best ingredient while making paper which extends the copiers life & productivity

Visiting IPM

IPM is the first printing and writing paper mill in the GCC and the largest in the MENA region.

Our operations span across the globe and we have various paper brands that could be beneficial to you or your company.

If you are interested in visiting Ittihad Paper Mill, you will first have to register your interest with us.

Please clearly mention the reason of your visit, your company details and your expectations.

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