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Sustainability in the paper industry

The invention of paper created history, and paper became an instrument of communication that is feasible, transportable, and durable. The paper marks its immense contribution to the field of education. It is said that a piece of paper is blank but can turn out to be the most influential instrument, good enough to create a saga. But we recently have seen the inclination towards digital avenues arising out of a simple interrogation on the sustainability of paper. Paper is manufactured by processing cellulose fibers sourced from wood, grass, and rags. Which raises a huge question on sustainability.

As per a report, an average corporate office in America uses around 10,000 sheets of office paper every year.

So how can we practice sustainability in the paper industry? Or How can Paper be sustainable? The first step is sourcing raw materials from sustainably managed forests. Sustainable forestry can help reduce the impacts of climate change, support indigenous communities, and protect wildlife. 


Forests are an essential part of all lives on earth. Trees act as a sinkhole for carbon dioxide, extricating it and keeping it out of our atmosphere. Excessive greenhouse gasses like CO2 trap the sun's heat, raising the earth's surface temperature. Rampant deforestation has caused climate change, increased greenhouse gasses, global warming, desertification, flooding, and has invited several unwelcomed indispositions.

Over 12 million hectares of forests are lost yearly because of illegal logging and unscrupulous forest activities. The only way to regain and protect our planet's green cover is through sustainable forestry management. Organizational bodies like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) work with thousands of individuals and businesses towards the preservation of forests and maintain sustainability by enabling your organization to sponsor forestry projects. 


FSC is considered, a trusted leader in sustainable forestry around the world. It is dedicated to promoting responsible forestry and is recognized by the UN as an impactful forest certification system.

The FSC has set strict guidelines for the forest certification system that ensures the ethical use of forest and forest products. The FSC 'Check Tree' label is a guarantee that you can trace the sourcing of the product from forest to shelves. 

The FSC logo can be found on millions of products, including paper, wood, and tissue products.

“Over 56% of global consumers can easily identify the FSC logo on the products and trust FSC to uphold manufacturers to the highest sustainable production standards”. 


Zero deforestation

Fair wages and moral working conditions

Indigenous community rights

Conservation of wildlife

There are three different FSC labels allotted to manufacturers/businesses depending on the sustainability of their products. 

1. FSC 100% label means all materials used in production can be traced back to FSC-certified forests. 

2. FSC recycled label means the product is made from 100% recycled materials.

3. FSC Mix label is allocated to products that are a mix of FSC-certified raw materials, recycled materials, and FSC-controlled wood.


Rightful paper manufacturers including the Ittihad Paper Mill (IPM) based in Abu Dhabi ensure that strict Global Environmental Standards are met during paper production. Along with meeting compliance norms, and the guidelines set by the FSC, IPM has taken extra measures in implementing efficient and sustainable technologies that allow them to reduce water and energy consumption. 

Ethical paper producers like IPM ensure their products comply with standards for FSC

Commitment of Ittihad Paper Mill

Ittihad Paper Mill, or IPM, is the first printing and writing paper production unit in the GCC. IPM is committed to sustainable production and complies with rigorous Global Environmental Standards. They have successfully implemented highly efficient production processes to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain the overall environmental impact. All IPM products are FSC-certified and are available online. 


Advanced automation solutions provided by companies like Valmet allow paper manufacturers to implement energy-efficient measures using innovative technology and sustainable automation services, which helps the paper industry to reduce CO2 emissions and harmful environmental impacts from production. 

“Tech giants like Valmet provide advanced automation solutions to the paper industry that enables better sustainability”. 


Valmet is an advanced developer and supplier of automation services and technology for the paper and pulp industry. Sustainability is the core of their business strategy and mission. Valmet converts renewable resources into sustainable products through constant innovation and technological advancements. IPM has integrated Valmet solutions and technologies for its paper production process.


Paper is one product that can be genuinely sustainable because it can be made 100% recyclable.

Paper can be recycled up to 7 times before it becomes unusable.

And since the paper is made from plant material, it is 100% biodegradable. Consumers today are way more environmentally conscious and are increasingly demanding sustainability in their everyday lives. The global consumption of paper is around 300 million tonnes even now in the digital era. 

Eco-friendly paper is either recycled paper or FSC certified. You can thus contribute to paper sustainability by checking the FSC mark on the paper products or by even creating awareness about paper sustainability. These products are easily available at any local store and even online! Go Green with Paper Sustainability and FSC.